A Rainbow in Your Voice

[Description: The emotions in your voice make up a rainbow.]


Hmm? What’s up? Do you have a question for me?
… Eh? “The colors of your voice,” huh…
Well, I can’t really describe your voice with one color, can I?
Let me think about it.
Sometimes, your voice is like yellow, cheery and happy and excited about something.
When you’re sad and crying, it’s like a dark grey.
Your voice would probably be red when you’re angry at me. (Chuckle)
And your calm voice… it would probably be the color of the sky on a nice day.
But there are so many other colors in between.
(Chuckle) Was that too embarrassing for you?
I’ll say one more thing then.
Even if you don’t like them, I love all the colors of your voice.

** ROMAJI **

N? Doushita? Kikitai koto aru tte?
… Eh? “Koe no iro” ka…
Maa, kimi no koe no iro tte, hitotsu dake de setsumei dekinai darou?
Chotto kangaesasete ne.
Tokidoki, kimi no koe, kiiro no you da. Uki-uki shite, ureshikute, waku-waku suru.
Kanashiku naiteru toki ni wa, kurakute haiiro no you da.
Okotteru toki wa aka da ne. (Chuckle)
Soshite, odayaka na koe ga… tabun hareta hi no sora-iro.
Demo, hoka no iro ga ippai da.
(Chuckle) Sore, hazukashisugita ka na…
Mou hitotsu iitai koto ga aru.
Kimi wa suki ja nakutemo, boku ga kimi no koe no iro, zenbu daisuki da.

EasyRead Version (Google Drive)

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