A Sad Smile

[Description: When you can see that your friend is miserable because of someone else, what can you say?]


Hey. Thanks for meeting me here.
(Nervous chuckle) I really don’t know how to say what I want to say…
Well, I guess I just have to get it over with…
I can tell that you’re not happy…
I guess you already know what I’m talking about, don’t you?
It’s pretty obvious to the rest of your friends too.
In the morning, your eyes are red, and there are dark rings under them.
And we can hear you crying in the bathroom, even when you’re trying to be silent…
I- No, we all care about you. I just want you to remember that.
Don’t smile like that… Not for that person.
Don’t force a smile while your tears fall.

** ROMAJI **

Ossu. Atte kurete arigatou na.
(Nervous chuckle) Iitai koto ga aru kedo, iikata yoku wakannee…
Maa, hayaku itta hou ga ii na…
Kimi ga shiawase ja nai tte koto, mieru yo.
Boku no hanashi, mou wakatteru ne.
Hoka no tomodachi mo hakkiri mieru.
Asa wa, kimi no me ga akakute, shita ni kuma ga aru.
Shizuka ni naku you ni shitemo, otearai kara no nakigoe mo kikoeru…
Boku wa… Iya, boku-tachi wa taisetsu ni shiteru yo. Yoku oboete hoshiin da.
Sonna ni egao suru na… ano hito no tame ni.
Namida ga deru nagara, tsukuri-warai suru na yo.

EasyRead Version (Google Drive)

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