Waking Up In… Hell

[Description: A boy was murdered after committing a murder himself and ended up in Hell. Devils are born to wreak havoc on Earth.]


Boy: (Groan) I-It’s so hot!

Girl: (Soft laugh)

Boy: Who’s there?!

Girl: (Laugh)

Boy: Who are you?! Where am I?! Show yourself!

Girl: You asked where you are… Are you stupid or something? Open your eyes! Take a look around! What do you see?

Boy: … T-there’s fire all around us…! How did I get here?!

Girl: (Condescending laugh) You’re dead! You just happened to end up in Hell~

Boy: Wh… What do you mean I’m in Hell?!

Girl: I guess you don’t remember your own death. I watched as you stabbed your best friend 37 times in a fit of jealousy! And then sometime later, you ended up getting killed in the bathroom of a department store! (Laugh) It was pathetic, really.

Boy: (Darkly) I… I can remember it now… That bastard stole my girlfriend away! It was the perfect crime too! The police suspected me, but they couldn’t link me to the murder. But how… How did I end up murdered?!

Girl: Hmm… It seems you’re angry now. Well you know, those who reside in Hell have the duty of causing trouble to those who are still on Earth. Of course, now that you’re one of us…

Boy: (Dark laugh) I see. If that’s the case, then take me with you and teach me. I’ll avenge my own death first… And then I’ll fulfill my new purpose in this world!

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Waking Up In… Heaven

[Description: A girl died in a car crash and ended up in Heaven. Angels are born to protect those on earth.]


Girl: (Thinking) Ugh, the light is so bright…

Boy: (Softly) Wake up…

Girl: (Groan) Huh? Where… am I? Why is everything so white…?

Boy: Hey… Hey, can you see me now?

Girl: Hmm? Oh yeah, I can see you.

Boy: Ah, that’s good. Do you feel any pain?

Girl: (Soft groan) No, I’m good. What is this place? And who are you?

Boy: This place… It’s where certain souls come to rest. I’m sorry to tell you… but you’re dead. You died in a car accident a little while ago.

Girl: (Shaky sigh) I… I see. What about my friends? Are they dead too?

Boy: No. They’re all in the hospital now.

Girl: Well that’s good, I guess. So what am I doing here now?

Boy: I watched from afar, and I believe you died trying to protect your friends. That’s why you’re here in Heaven. We’re all angels here. We exist to help protect the souls that still live on Earth.

Girl: So I can watch over my friends and family from here?

Boy: Yep. That’s how I learned to cope (with my death).

Girl: I understand. Well please, allow me to begin protecting the souls on Earth.

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If You’re Willing To Try

[Description: Person B (girl) is confessed to by Person A (boy) but doesn’t believe his love is true. But Person A is not willing to give up.]


A: (Confident) I like you.

B: (Scoff) You called me here to confess? Quit joking around.

A: (Surprised) Huh? What do you mean?

B: How can you say something like that so easily?

A: Because it’s true.

B: But why? Why do you like a person like me?

A: Well I don’t think you’re a disagreeable person.

B: (Slightly angry) What do you mean? (Angrier) I’m stubborn, and I argue with everyone, and I’m cold toward anyone who tries to approach me. I know we’ve been friends for a long time, but there’s no reason for anyone, especially you, to like me. Don’t tell me these kinds of things unless you mean it.

A: (Nervous chuckle) I see. I didn’t think you’d say something like that. But… like you said, we’ve known each other for a long time. I’ve seen you laugh, cry, get angry, and everything in between. I’ve… I’ve fallen in love with everything I’ve seen in you. I can’t make you fall in love with me, I know that. But if you’re willing to try… I’ll always be here.

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