For now, this will only be in English because I don’t think my Japanese is good enough for me to answer these questions in Japanese. Also I have not been asked questions yet in Japanese.

Q: Can I use these scripts for my personal channel?

A: Yes, but please provide credit! Unless otherwise noted on this site, I am the scriptwriter and translator of these scripts. If you find these scripts elsewhere and they are translated by someone else, please credit them as translator instead.


Q: Can I edit these scripts?

A: Yes, though I would prefer them not to be edited. Sometimes, words (pronouns, sentence endings, etc.) should be edited for an actor’s voice and character. My grammar and word choice may also be incorrect. However, if you are planning on editing scripts for these reasons, I would prefer that you credit me as the original scriptwriter and translator, with modifications being credited to you or whoever did them. I would also prefer that titles remain unchanged, as I often find voice acting videos using my scripts with completely different names in the title.


Q: What is the EasyRead (Google Drive) link for on the English / Romaji posts?

A: The EasyRead format is the format I like best when I do Japanese voice acting. It has the romaji line (in blue) above the English line. I think this gives an idea of what kind of emotion the line should have if you don’t understand Japanese. The Google Doc can be downloaded in any of the available formats, or a copy can be made to go into your own Google Drive.


Q: Are the Japanese scripts exact translations of the English (and vice versa)?

A: No. At this point, I usually write scripts in English and then translate it to Japanese. Occasionally, I write in Japanese first and translate it back to English. In either case, exact translations can sound very weird. In most cases, I try to make the English sound as natural as possible (sometimes I’m lazy), but I also try to make the Japanese sound as natural as I can at this point.