A Rainbow in Your Voice

[Description: The emotions in your voice make up a rainbow.]


Hmm? What’s up? Do you have a question for me?
… Eh? “The colors of your voice,” huh…
Well, I can’t really describe your voice with one color, can I?
Let me think about it.
Sometimes, your voice is like yellow, cheery and happy and excited about something.
When you’re sad and crying, it’s like a dark grey.
Your voice would probably be red when you’re angry at me. (Chuckle)
And your calm voice… it would probably be the color of the sky on a nice day.
But there are so many other colors in between.
(Chuckle) Was that too embarrassing for you?
I’ll say one more thing then.
Even if you don’t like them, I love all the colors of your voice.

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You’re Cute

[Description: When someone’s cute and they don’t believe it, sometimes you need to say it one more time.]


You’re cute.
Eh? “You’re cute,” I said!
What? Why are you surprised?
“Because I’m ugly,” you say?
(Scoff) Are you an idiot?
Why don’t you believe me?
You know, I tell only really cute girls these kinds of words.
… Fine, I’ll say it again.
You are c-u-t-e. (Laugh)

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: グーっ。。。あ…あつい!

: フフフっ。。。。。

: 誰だ?!

: フフフっ~

: お前は誰だ?!ここはどこだ?!出て来い!

: ここはどこって。。。バカじゃないの?目を開けろ!周りを見ろよ!何を見てる?

: あ…あたり一面に火が焼いてる。。。!俺はどうやってここに。。。?!

: フフっ!もう死んでるわ!たまたま地獄へ来てしまったのよ~!

: じ…地獄へ来たって、どういう意味だ?!

: あなたの死、覚えられないらしいね。嫉妬心に駆られて、あなたは友達を37回刺したこと見たわ!そして、そのうち、デパートのお手洗いで殺されたんだ!フフっ。。。情けないね。

: 俺。。。今覚えてる。あいつは俺の彼女奪ったよ!それで完全犯罪だったのよ!刑事たちは俺に疑ったけど、攻めることできなかった。でもなぜ。。。なぜ俺が殺されてしまったんだ?!

: ん。。。今あなた、怒ってるね。まあ、地獄に住んでるものは、現世に生きてる魂に困らせる義務を持ってる。もちろん、あなたは私と同じものだから。。。

: クククっ。。。なるほど。そうならば、俺を連れて行って、教えてくれ。最初は、自分の仇を討って。。。そして、この俺の新しい役目を立つ!

Waking Up In… Hell

[Description: A boy was murdered after committing a murder himself and ended up in Hell. Devils are born to wreak havoc on Earth.]


Boy: (Groan) I-It’s so hot!

Girl: (Soft laugh)

Boy: Who’s there?!

Girl: (Laugh)

Boy: Who are you?! Where am I?! Show yourself!

Girl: You asked where you are… Are you stupid or something? Open your eyes! Take a look around! What do you see?

Boy: … T-there’s fire all around us…! How did I get here?!

Girl: (Condescending laugh) You’re dead! You just happened to end up in Hell~

Boy: Wh… What do you mean I’m in Hell?!

Girl: I guess you don’t remember your own death. I watched as you stabbed your best friend 37 times in a fit of jealousy! And then sometime later, you ended up getting killed in the bathroom of a department store! (Laugh) It was pathetic, really.

Boy: (Darkly) I… I can remember it now… That bastard stole my girlfriend away! It was the perfect crime too! The police suspected me, but they couldn’t link me to the murder. But how… How did I end up murdered?!

Girl: Hmm… It seems you’re angry now. Well you know, those who reside in Hell have the duty of causing trouble to those who are still on Earth. Of course, now that you’re one of us…

Boy: (Dark laugh) I see. If that’s the case, then take me with you and teach me. I’ll avenge my own death first… And then I’ll fulfill my new purpose in this world!

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(クスクス) 今日は楽しかったわ。
(クスクス) もし暇があったら。。。またすぐデートしようね!

A Valentine’s Day Date

[Description: Valentine’s Day dates are fun! Think about doing these things when you’re on a date next time!]


(Giggle) Today was really fun.
“Why?” you asked?
Well, we did a lot of different things today, didn’t we?
First, we went to the department store that I wanted to go to this morning together.
The puppies in the pet store were really cute!
When I played with them, they seemed really happy.
Then, we went to the ocean.
It felt good to sit in the sun.
Lunch was also really delicious!
The scenery really was beautiful, wasn’t it?
And now we’re on the Ferris wheel at the amusement park…
Tonight, the scenery of the city is the best.
It’s like we’re sitting among the stars.
It’s romantic, isn’t it?
I’ll remember the memories I made today together with you forever!
(Giggle) If you have free time, let’s go on a date again soon, okay?

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