Waking Up In… Hell

[Description: A boy was murdered after committing a murder himself and ended up in Hell. Devils are born to wreak havoc on Earth.]


Boy: (Groan) I-It’s so hot!

Girl: (Soft laugh)

Boy: Who’s there?!

Girl: (Laugh)

Boy: Who are you?! Where am I?! Show yourself!

Girl: You asked where you are… Are you stupid or something? Open your eyes! Take a look around! What do you see?

Boy: … T-there’s fire all around us…! How did I get here?!

Girl: (Condescending laugh) You’re dead! You just happened to end up in Hell~

Boy: Wh… What do you mean I’m in Hell?!

Girl: I guess you don’t remember your own death. I watched as you stabbed your best friend 37 times in a fit of jealousy! And then sometime later, you ended up getting killed in the bathroom of a department store! (Laugh) It was pathetic, really.

Boy: (Darkly) I… I can remember it now… That bastard stole my girlfriend away! It was the perfect crime too! The police suspected me, but they couldn’t link me to the murder. But how… How did I end up murdered?!

Girl: Hmm… It seems you’re angry now. Well you know, those who reside in Hell have the duty of causing trouble to those who are still on Earth. Of course, now that you’re one of us…

Boy: (Dark laugh) I see. If that’s the case, then take me with you and teach me. I’ll avenge my own death first… And then I’ll fulfill my new purpose in this world!

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I Don’t Like You

[Description: Some people have too much confidence. These are the people I hate the most.]


There’s a conversation that I’ve been imagining recently.
“I don’t like you,” I’d say to you calmly.
“Why?” you’d say.
You’d sound pretty heartbroken.
Of course, I’d explain after looking at your pitiful expression.
(Chuckle) Isn’t it obvious?
You’re confident in your abilities but have nothing to show for it.
You always come to me, telling me about what you call your “success.”
Of course, I mask my true feelings.
“Wow, congratulations!” I tell you.
But inside, I’m really just wishing for you to leave me be.
Your “success” is only failure to me.
You’re the kind of person I hate the most!
You’re a hundred years too early to be saying anything you do is a success!
(Sigh) I got a little worked up there…
Well… how about I say it now then?
(Chuckle) I really don’t like you.

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